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jkaufman6 MLK in the World Today

            “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr. This powerful statement was taken from Dr. Martin Luther King’s last speech on April 3rd ,1968. As we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., it is important to remember his constant push for speaking … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 Final Credits

                Throughout the course we examined the many characteristics of a hero including epic, tragic, folk, anti, cultural and reluctant heroes. While all of these heroes ventured on a different path, all showed signs of greatness. With this said my favorite type of hero we covered in this course were the legends of … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 Blog Post 10

When examining a hero it is important to understand the great sacrifice that is at hand. Every hero is noted for his or her courage, achievements and strength but in order to understand a hero you must truly understand the sacrifices a hero must make along their journey. Heroes come in a variety of different aspects. Some are born with … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 blog post 9

            Throughout our history, there have been many influential protests that have shaped the world we live in today. A protest is simply a form of expression, by words or action, that challenges a certain policy at hand. Protesters often organize their protest as a way of publicly making their opinions heard in an attempt … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 Blog Post 8

In modern day literature, terrorism and justice have two very distinct differences. Terrorism can be defined as the use of terror or fear while justice can be defined as an action of fairness or equality. However, there seems to be a gray area in this aspect when examining heroes. Specifically anti-folk hero’s present a conflicting good vs. evil character, where … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 Blog Post 7

            For this blog we examine the heroism of soldiers, in the harsh reality of war. From the earliest times until today, countries have fought over land and been involved in major power disputes. The same is still true in modern day America, where thousands of soldiers have died fighting in wars such as Afghanistan … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 Blog Post 6

  M is for Morality: In the movie V for Vendetta it is not easy to identify who the good guys and the bad guys are. At first many may say it seems pretty straightforward as V battles the fascist regime in order to free the people. This seems like a classic good vs. evil story, yet upon closer inspection … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 Blog Post 5

In the famous boxing movie Rocky, Sylvester Stallone plays Rocky in one of the greatest underdog stories of our time. The Rocky Series was born in 1975, when it was based off Robert Balboa, a Roman Catholic struggling to make end’s meat. Rocky develops the nickname “The Italian Stallion” do to his Italian-American heritage. Through each movie the legend of … Continue Reading

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jkaufman6 Blog Post 4

Beowulf was written during a time when pagan traditions were very influential. The story was attended to use pagan stories and creatures to bring the message of Christ. However, I believe Beowulf was a Christian. The story was filled with many Christian themes. For example, before Beowulf challenges Grendel, he is an seen as a unstoppable monster. When he goes … Continue Reading

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Jkaufman6 Blog Post 3

After examining The Code of Chivalry and The Rules of Courtly Love, it is evident that every rule can not be completed abided by. In fact, the rules often contradict one another. While these codes offer guidelines for the knights and warriors they often contradict themselves. For example, in the Code of Chivalry, it is stated that you must exhibit … Continue Reading

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