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JKelly 11 Final Credits

FINAL BLOG POST!! I love heroes and trust me when I say I’ve seen a lot of action movies and judged the character of many heroes but after considering all the heroes we’ve discussed I have to say that V from V for Vendetta and Achilles from Troy are my favorite. Mostly because I’m a sucker for a clever, whitty … Continue Reading

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JKelly XC MLK Today

“We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.”              -Martin Luther King Jr.- In “Letters from a Birmingham Jail” Martin Luther King takes the time to address the criticism about his practices and beliefs that are rocking the nation. In … Continue Reading

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JKelly 10

It can be said that men are defined by their sacrifices. After looking at the heroes we’ve covered in class I think that Richard Blaine, Rick, from Casablanca best exemplifies a hero that sacrificed everything for the greater good. Rick sacrifices his club, his job, his safety, and his love in order to ensure that Ilsa and his husband Victor … Continue Reading

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JKelly 9 M-15

Many people think of protests occurring in places of war and poverty but after researching locations around the globe it is obvious that this is not true. In the socialist country of Spain, after the large increase in the underemployment and the increase in the retirement age the Spanish people took action, specifically the youth. It was this new generation … Continue Reading

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JKelly 8 “Terrorist”

  History is written by the conquerors; it is from them that we are taught who was a terrorist and who was a hero. The aforementioned definition of terrorism as “involving violent acts which are intended to create fear, are perpetrated for political or ideological goal” can be used to define the Scottish hero William Wallace. However, we can also … Continue Reading

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The Unthinking Hero (JKelly 7)

Without a second thought I can say with certainty that soldiers are heroes. Past, present and future soldiers have lain down their lives to protect the ideals and freedom of this country. While people may argue to the opposite position, referencing someone or other whom used their military power for  “evil”, we cannot condemn a group of men and women … Continue Reading

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JKelly 6

C is for crazy. Evey Hammond: Who are you? V: Who? Who is but the form following the function of what and what I am is a man in a mask. Evey Hammond: Well I can see that. V: Of course you can. I’m not questioning your powers of observation; I’m merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked … Continue Reading

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JKelly 5

Have Little Priest follow the link to hear the full song referenced in the post Mrs. Lovette, played by Helen Bohem Carter, in Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd, is one of my favorite film characters. The film, adapted from a Broadway play, entitled Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, follows the return of Mr. Sweeny Todd to London in … Continue Reading

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JKelly 4

Beowulf is another hero with a little too much confidence in his own abilities and while he has the strength to back it up I must admit that it’s interesting that we are discussing his faith. In my opinion his over abundance of confidence should suggest that he shouldn’t need a god in order to accomplish such “menial tasks” as … Continue Reading

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JKelly Hero 3

From today’s discussions, and my own personal opinions, I think it is more or less impossible to live up to the rules of chivalry and courtly love illustrated in Arthur’s time. While I hear many women today asking themselves “where have all the chivalrous men have gone?” after looking at the rules I can be affirmed in the idea that … Continue Reading

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