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Whitehead Final Blog

The hero that I wish would have been talked about more is Batman.  I believe him to be a great hero in more ways than one.  He sacrifices himself for the city, he becomes the “bad man” for the sake of the city.” All in all he cares about the city more than his own reputation.   He sacrifices everything for … Continue Reading

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Whitehead MLK Blog

My quote is “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  This is a passage that Dr. King used in his “Where Do We Go From Here?” speech in 1967.  I believe this quote to somewhat be present in our lives today and somewhat not.  At the time … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 10

Two heroes that have a connection are Dr. Manhattan and Bryan Mills (Taken).  Dr. Manhattan became secluded from his family, but more specifically from the human race as a whole.  Because of his powers/talents he gains a new outlook on life.  With this power he is unable to relate to people and ultimately isolates himself.  He lives alone and disperses … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 9

The weird protest against injustice that I chose to write is somewhat of a comedy and a complete overreaction.  This protest is done by clowns.  The first of these protests was done by the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA).  However, these clowns are not even real clowns.  A sociological definition says that “this methodology of rebel clowning was developed … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 8

By nearly all definitions V is a terrorist, with William Wallace being somewhat of a blurry tag.  A key note to terrorism is that there is no defined army so to speak, or no definite “headquarters.”  They are not a sovereign power in terms of the national scale.  Therefore this creates difficulty when attacking or defending against them.  As said … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 7

Dillon Pelfrey, Sterling Jones, and Andy Whitehead Dillon and Sterling are friends of mine and Andy is my cousin.  All three of them are in the Army and, Dillon and Sterling has served in Afghanistan.  They do not have a particular famous heroic type story, however I believe these men to be true heroes in every sense of the word.  … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 6

E is for efficacy.  In Political Science the term “political efficacy” relates to people’s trust in their government, and their belief in their ability to have an impact on governmental affairs.  Within the film there are examples of both high and low levels of political efficacy.  At the beginning, historically speaking, when the Chancellor rose to power and a cure … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 5

The hero that I selected was Matt Buckner,played by Elijah Wood, in the movie Green Street Hooligans.  The plot of this movie is based around a soccer team and the group of men that follow each team.  They do not claim themselves to be a gang or anything, yet they worship their team and wear their colors proudly.  They fight … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 4

Throughout our conversation of Beowulf, personally I think Beowulf is both.  He began as a Saxon, solely focused upon his life and his own reputation.  He had no fear of death and was only concerned with himself.  However, as the story continues, it is clear that he along with the story, become increasingly Christian.  He makes references to the fact … Continue Reading

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Whitehead Blog 3

As a knight, one is not supposed to be apprehensive.  As described, throughout the code knights are supposed to be aggressive.  They are supposed to fight valiantly and with honor.  They are expected to defend both their honor and the honor of their kingdom.  Knight’s are supposed to exhibit courage in word and deed.  All in all, knight’s are expected … Continue Reading

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