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Dwarrick Blog 11

After these three weeks of class and all of the different things I have learned about our heroes, real and fictional, my views on heroes have changed. Originally, one of my favorite heroes of all time was Braveheart. I loved his drive for revenge and how he fought with nothing to lose, but now I have a new favorite hero, … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick XC Blog

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. The true neighbor will risk his position, his prestige, and even his life for the welfare of others.” This quote, from his 1963 book, Strength to Love, is my favorite quote of Martin … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 10

Whether real life or in comic books, our heroes have to sacrifice many different things such as love, friendship, their bodies, and their lives. The common theme for a hero is that they are not asked to do anything, but they choose to sacrifice themselves for the well being of others. Everyday young men and women volunteer to sacrifice years … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 9

The Middle Eastern Reporter summarizes the civilian press of Egyptian military to evoke emergency laws and Hosni Mubarak’s power in Egypt in a general recollection of events. “Reclaiming the Revolution” was the name given to the protests of 2011 in Egypt. Activists joined together in downtown Cairo to protest against their leader Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak had given himself too much … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 8

My friends and I have talked about the topic of if America was ever to be invaded, what our actions would be. We all own multiple weapons, and came to the agreement that we would in fact use them if, for example, Al Qaeda was walking down our streets with intent to defeat our country or those who fight for … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 7

I chose to write about an older war hero from World War Two, one that is not necessarily famous for his heroic actions. James McNiece, Jake, was part of the 101st Airborne who jumped behind enemy lines. Their job was to destroy bridges supplying German troops attempting to hold off the beach from United States infantry.  The mission was basically … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 6

F is for Fireworks. During the two explosions that the character V planned and carried out, he included fireworks and music as if it was a celebration. I believe that is exactly what he wanted it to be. V wanted to make a big show and let everyone know the message he wanted to get across. He did just that … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 5

My two favorite characters of all time are Bo, played by Sean Scott, and Luke, played by Johnny Knoxville, Duke from the movie The Dukes of Hazard. The movie was base off the eighties television show that aired on CBS. The two boys are close cousins from Hazzard county Georgia. The two illegally transport small amounts of moonshine in the … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 4

It can be argued that Beowulf is Pagan due to some evidence, but Beowulf is more likely to be Christian. We see many examples of this in the story. The earthly gifts that come from God like the sword in the cave wall are the first example of Gods role in the story. Secondly was the protection that they received … Continue Reading

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Dwarrick Blog 2

Today in class when we talked about characters fitting into the description of a hero, one particular came to mind. I believe Iron Man could not be more of a typical hero. His hubris or pride is through the roof, and at times he has even been called a narcissist, and this can be considered a hamartia for him. He … Continue Reading

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