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Diversity event Extra Credit

I went to Kip Fulbecks diversity program held in Whitely on January 16th.  Fulbeck discussed his racial obstacles.  He was Chinese and Caucasian and was always made fun of as the Chinese kid.  He never understood why people wouldn’t accept that he was multi-racial.  In Fulbecks family he was considered the white one since he looked mostly American in comparison … Continue Reading

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Final Post

    The hero I liked most was V.  V is dangerous, suspicious, caring, and mysterious.  I liked watching him from the beginning to end because you start with a negative perspective and by the end you feel sympathetic and sad.  I love that Evie brings out his nurturing side throughout the movie.  He is so interesting and majestic.  I … Continue Reading

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MLK post Cparent

Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.   We can see that this is true still today.  Our government makes decisions that impair millions and millions of people.  Anytime there is power in a society like ours we see the affects that it has on our country.  We can use this example with taxes, welfare, healthcare, and the economy.  There are so many obstacles … Continue Reading

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Blog 10 Charyssa Parent

Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan and Katniss from The Hunger Games have a lot in common.  Miller lost his life fighting to save someone else.  We see in the hunger games that Katniss is prepared also to die for someone.  A major difference between the two is that Miller is dying for someone he doesn’t know and Katniss is … Continue Reading

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Charyssa Parent Blog 9

  PETA the organization dedicated to the ethical treatment of animanls, held a protest in Los Angeles in 2012.  PETA protested the injustice that goes on behind the scenes of Ringling Bros. circus.  The elephants are treated terribly and tortured in order to create a show for their audience and to make the elephants comply with their cues.  Electric shocks, … Continue Reading

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Blog 8

As some people would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. Justice is in the eye of the beholder.   We see this in brave heart because the Scottish believed that Wallace was fighting for the right reasons therefore defending his country. As we saw today in Unforgiven we see that the good and bad guys look the same.  … Continue Reading

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Blog 7

9/11 inspired many men and women to join forces and fight for our country and for those that were too young to serve waited patiently like Aaron Davis.     At age eighteen Davis was deployed to Afganistan.  He was given the dirty and dangerous jobs and encountered a lot of enemy fire day to day.   His first encounters … Continue Reading

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L is for Love Cparent

L is for Love   There are 872 songs on here I’ve listened to them all but have never danced to any of them.   In this clip we see V struggle with approaching Evie.  At the end V reveals his love for her but here he is too afraid to ask to dance.  She is ready to go and … Continue Reading

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Cparent Blog 5

My all time favorite movie is Burlesque, Burlesque was produced in 2010 and Christina Aguilera plays the main character Ali. In this movie we see her transform from a farm girl to a headliner.  As a character she is introduced as poor and unhappy and by the end she is a star.   Ali is determined, outspoken, beautiful, spunky, and … Continue Reading

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Blog 4

Pagans believe in many Gods and Goddess that control their fate, magic, and reincarnation.  Whereas obviously Christians believe in one god. In the play Beowulf we see a weird combination “It is a great wonder how Almighty God in His magnificence favours our race with rank and scope and the gift of wisdom; His sway is wide. Sometimes he allows … Continue Reading

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