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Csilverman MLK XC Assignment

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”  This is a quote that directly ties in to what Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. MLK was an American clergyman, activist, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. King has … Continue Reading

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Csilverman Blog 11

Throughout these past few weeks we have discussed a variety of different types of heroes including epic and tragic heroes, anti heroes, folk heroes etc. However of all of the heroes I would say that my favorite hero has to be Odysseus. Odysseus is  a great Greek Epic hero who embarked on a  25 year long journey home back to … Continue Reading

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Csilverman blog 10

WIlliam Wallace in the movie Braveheart made many sacrifices for the people of Scotland’s freedom.  At the end of the film Wallace is brought before the English magistrates and tried for high treason. He denies the charges, declaring that he had never accepted Edward as his King.  The court responds by sentencing him to be “purified by pain.” Later, in … Continue Reading

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Csilverman Blog 9

The protest against injustice that I decided to talk about was the protest against law enforcement officials for violating innocent civilians rights. After a music teacher named Christian Paetsch committed a bank robbery stealing nearly 26,000 dollars in earnings, authorities had set up a road block using a GPS device that was buried in the 26000 dollars he stole. However … Continue Reading

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Csilverman Blog 8

Typically when people think of a terrorist, they immediately think that this is the bad person due to the violent acts that they carry out,  and the harm that they put on other people. However sometimes you may not know what the reasons behind there actions are. This being said many times war can take place, or something terrible can … Continue Reading

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Csilverman Blog 7

Just to start this blog off I would like to say that I believe soldiers are definitely considered heroes with the work and sacrifice that they give up on a day to day basis protecting our country. For my military hero I decided to talk briefly about the story of Merlin Germany, an 18 year old kid when he was enlisted in … Continue Reading

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Csilverman Blog 6

STEP 1 – I chose the letter L is for Love. Clearly V is all about the people. The reason for the systematic killing of everyone in Norsefire is not only for himself but primarily for his love of the people. He goes on this violent killing spree of his former captors, and attempts to bring down the government purely … Continue Reading

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csilverman blog 5

For my favorite film character I chose to talk about Will Smith in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness. He plays a man named Chris Gardner who struggles for nearly 1 year being homeless with his young son. Gardner is definitely the protagonist in this movie and really the antagonist is the bad luck that seems to hit him on … Continue Reading

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Csilverman Blog 4

I am team Saint. I think that Beowulf was definitely a christian in this poem. Beowulf makes mentions of the christian god throughout the poem. One prime example is in the following lines “They thanked God for that easy crossing on a calm sea”. (Beowulf, lines 2227-228).  This shows that they were thanking a single god which rules out that … Continue Reading

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Csilverman Blog 3

When reading the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and taking a look at the Rules of Courtly love, you get the feeling that there was really no way for Sir Gawain to meet everyones wishes. In my opinion Sir Gawain was a man of great character and nobility. He tries to obey the Code of Chivalry and shows … Continue Reading

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