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Naughton “Final Post”

My favorite heroes we have discussed and learned about these past three weeks would for the most part be the completely non-fiction characters like Gandhi, MLK, and Melba. I’m just more someone who is drawn to non-fiction because you can actually and more easily connect to them as real human beings. Of course there were heroes we didn’t get to … Continue Reading

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Naughton MLK

“Ghana has something to say to us. It says to us first that the oppressor never voluntarily gives freedom to the oppressed. You have to work for it. Freedom is never given to anybody. Privileged classes never give up their privileges without strong resistance.” Martin Luther King Jr. said this in one of his early speeches in 1957 at the … Continue Reading

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Naughton Blog 10

In the novel To Kill A Mocking Bird, we see Atticus Finch make many scarifies, lets focus though on the sacrifice he by taking on the case. By taking this case on it makes it unpopular in that publics eye because of the topic and the heavily racist community in Maycomb, Alabama. He also knows because of the publics opinion … Continue Reading

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Naughton blog 9

    Protests can come in all shapes an sizes and while this one might not seem as important as the stonewall riots for example, but stills hold merit, The protest of the Masters golf tournament and Augusta National Golf Club. To set the scene, since Augusta National Golf Club was first founded it only allowed and accepted men to … Continue Reading

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Naughton Blog 8

Timing and point of view. That is what determines who is a hero to us. For example the English I’m sure did not see William Wallace as a hero or JUST man.  But to the Scottish he was absolutely seen as a hero. It all depends where you are coming from, which side or angle. A very current person we … Continue Reading

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Naughton blog 7

Carlton W. Barrett: a private in the Army was one of the many men you fought on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day. After making his way to the beaches, under fire the whole time from Nazi’s troops. He then turned back and headed back out towards the open water again, to save his fellow men that were drowning. The … Continue Reading

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Naughton Blog post 6

  G is for Genocide, genocide that government caused on its own people in killing 100,000 citizens.     With so much chaos, somebody will do something stupid. And then things will turn nasty. And then, Sutler will be forced to do the only thing he knows how to do. At which point, all V needs to do is keep … Continue Reading

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Naughton post 5

Jim Lovell was the commander of the Apollo 13 mission. The mission had to changes its plan of landing on the moon because, to put it in layman’s terms, one side panel of the space ship disconnect through an explosion. Lovell and the crew also had to deal with dangerous carbon dioxide levels. Keep in mind all of this was … Continue Reading

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Naughton Post #4

As many previous posts have said Beowulf was Christian. Whether or not Beowulf was actually Christian or if it’s the authors own beliefs that a different question. Lets put aside the use of terms like “Holy God”, which in itself is very Christian because pagans believed in several Gods. The line that stands out is when Hrothgar says, “…a warrior … Continue Reading

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Naughton blog post 3

In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight on the third day when the lord’s wife kisses Gawain three times and also gives him a girdle. The Gawain this time does does not tell the lord about the girdle. If Gawain was strictly follow edict’s of chivalry he should have/ would have had to have told the lord about it due … Continue Reading

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