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Aly Quintana MLK XC Blog

In the book, Strength To Love, published in 1963 the quote, “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men,” by Martin Luther King really stood out to me. When Martin Luther King said this at the time he was talking about the war in Vietnam. He was describing the war and talking about the United State’s ability … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #10

William Wallace from the movie Braveheart I think is a hero who made great sacrifices, including sacrificing his life, for the people of Scotland to have their freedom. Leonidas from the movie 300 reminds me very much of William Wallace. Leonidas dies fighting in a war against the Persians for his people of Sparta. Both of these heroes died with … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #9

Having grown up in South Florida and being of Cuban decent, I sometimes have a completely different perspective of political issues as they relate to Cuba and immigration. When thinking about a protest against injustice, the name Elian comes to mind. Elian was a just a year younger than I was, or six years old, when he was found three … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #8

Some characters are created to make the audience feel like they are heroes and yet there is often a fine line between heroism and terrorism. For example, In Braveheart, William Wallace is a hero because he is fighting for justice.  The kings of England are ruthless and he fights for the people.  In Unforgiven, however, Munny is not as simplistic … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #7

As a child, I used to think a hero was a person with super powers used to help people in need. Although I have gotten a little older and know the difference between fantasy and reality, my idea of the super hero is not much different. What has changed is my definition of super powers. What qualities are so selfless … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #6

G is for Government “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” When I watch this movie I think the main theme is government. I find the prime minister’s power and corruption to be the cause in the government’s ultimate downfall. Before this, government has controlled the media by lying to the public about … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #5

Noah from the movie The Notebook, I would probably consider to be my favorite film character. Not only because it is one of my favorite movies but because of the kind of character that Noah is portrayed as throughout the movie. This movie is about two young lovers (Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun) who fall completely and utterly in love with each other. But … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #4

It is hard to say whether Beowulf is Pagan or Christian but after doing some research and getting all the facts straight I found a lot of evidence that supports the fact that Beowulf is Christian. I found that there were many aspects of Christianity throughout the story of Beowulf more so than Pagan aspects. Throughout the story it is … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #3

In class today we discussed the Rules of Chivarly and courtly love. After reading and discussing all of these rules they are basically impossible for all of these rules to be followed especially when some of the contradict themselves. I think they are unrealistic for any hero to follow all of them. In today’s class discussion when we had to get in groups, two rules … Continue Reading

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Aly Quintana Blog #1

The hero that I can best relate to is Hit-Girl from the movie Kick Ass. Like Hit Girl I am very close with my father and he has always been like a super hero to me. My father has always been into the Spiderman comic books and movies and talking to me about Batman and all of the Marvel characters … Continue Reading

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