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ABebout – Final Blog

One of my favorite heroes that we studied throughout this course is Melba Patillo Beals. She is the perfect example of a reluctant hero who volunteered her efforts for a movement that she didn’t fully prepare for. Slowly, she transformed into a cultural hero who used gratification as a response to being bullied and persistently fought for what she believed … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Extra Credit Blog Post (MLK)

“I would … say that [nonviolence] is a method which seeks to secure a moral end through moral means. And it grows out of the whole concept of love, because if one is truly nonviolent that person has a loving spirit; he refuses to inflict injury upon the opponent because he loves the opponent.” An interview with Martin Luther King … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 10

Corrie ten Boom Melba Patillo Beal The character Melba from Warriors Don’t Cry shares a lot of commonalities with Corrie ten Boom, a Christian woman who housed many Jews in efforts to save them from the Nazis imprisoning them in concentration camps. Both these individuals made a choice to participate in what they believed was right; they each had a … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 9

During the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, there was an outbreak of extreme violence and horror in Spain called the Red Terror. Throughout this time period, there was intense religious persecution by the leftist groups in Spain. Over 6,800 members of Catholic clergy were murdered. This statistic included 13 bishops, 4,172 diocesan priests and seminarists, 2,364 monks and friars, … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 8

Warren Wallace is a hero through his actions and courage. He gains followers by inflicting fear upon them. In many ways, Wallace uses terrorism as a means to achieve his goal – which is ultimately for Scotland to gain its independence. A great scene in the movie portrays this when Wallace threatens to personally fight the Scottish nobility in getting … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 7

  The role of a soldier can be viewed as a hero and an antihero. This ambiguousness of whether or not a soldier is a hero stems from many different issues: the war that the soldiers are fighting in, the bloodshed, the brutality of the war, political affairs, etc. For example, many people consider the Vietnam War as an unnecessary … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 6

J is for Justice. The concept of justice is one of the predominant themes in “V for Vendetta”. Throughout the entire movie, V is fighting for justice on his behalf and on behalf of all the other individuals who have been afflicted by the British government. There are two different types of justice in this film: personal justice and universal … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 5

  The Perks of Being a Wallflower has powerful, evocative first-person narrative from a young teenager named Charlie. In the beginning scenes, the audience discovers that Charlie has an unnamed pen pal, whom he writes to about his life. The audience is exposed to the main storyline and the background of Charlie’s past through a voice over, which is assumed … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 4

  I can see both the pagan and Christian qualities of Beowulf. In the beginning, he is a brutish, warrior-like character, and at the end of the poem he is a self-sacrificing Christian hero. In Christian literature, an individual can transform into a Christian at any point in his or her life. This transformation is a revelatory event for that … Continue Reading

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ABebout – Blog 3

Gawain, as we discussed in class, is a model for the ideal, noble knight. He is not only a knight, but also the perfect lover and Christian. Part of what we discussed in class involves the impossibility of a hero attaining perfection in all roles in which he or she upholds. For example, Gawain could not uphold his role as … Continue Reading

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