Strager MLK XC

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”–Martin Luther King Jr.

This quote is written in the beginning of Martin Luther King Jr.s “Letters From a Birmingham Jail”. Unfortunately this quote is still pertinent today and will be until there are no more injustices in the world. Overcoming injustice in one society is only one small victory for the larger problem at hand. A present day example would be same-sex marriage. Although marrying someone of the same sex is legal in parts of the United States, justice has still not been served on a national level. If one is gay and wants to marry someone of the same sex they either have to move to a different state or wait until the law changes. The victories that states like Massachusetts and just recently Washington and Maryland have achieved, although great, mean nothing for those living in the rest of the country. Additionally, because there are so few states that allow same-sex marriage, they live in jeopardy of having their law overturned until allowing same-sex marriage is passed nationwide, like we saw occurred in California. Until we as a country standardize this law we still have a long battle of injustice to fight. 

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