Jordans Final Credits Post

My favorite heroes that we discussed were Melba from the Little Rock 9, Bonnie and Clyde and Martin Luther King Junior. I thought all three of these heroes had great stories. I think the violence that the Melba and the Little Rock 9 had to endure was sad but fascinating. I also thought that the Little Rock 9’s youth made them very unique and interesting; it takes a lot of courage to do what they did as teenagers. I also really enjoyed the story of Bonnie and Clyde. I liked how Bonnie and Clyde were somewhat villains and heroes at the same time. Although they robbed and killed they still managed to affect people positively. Martin Luther King Junior was also another one of my favorite heroes. One of the biggest things that stand about him to me was his commitment to peaceful and non-violent protest and gatherings. Throughout all the negative feedback and assassination attempts he never got out of character and stuck to his plan eventually making a huge difference in America.

I would like to discuss more sports heroes. I really like the hero Coach Boone in the film Remember the Titans.  Coach Boone is played by Denzel Washington and in my opinion he does a great job. Also the film is a great movie and has a great story. Coach Boone fights adversity to bring his white and black players together, while the community tries to keep the teammates apart.

My first blog post was about the hero batman. I think batman’s story can be applied to the definition of a monomyth. Batman’s wild adventures and encounters with super villains fit the criteria. Batman defeats these many super villains without having superpowers. Batman is an anti-hero although he does good and protects the city he is seen as a villain to some people in Gotham City. We also feel sorry for batman because of where he comes from and all he’s done for Gotham and his connection to Gotham, without getting the praise he deserves.


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