Diversity event Extra Credit

I went to Kip Fulbecks diversity program held in Whitely on January 16th.  Fulbeck discussed his racial obstacles.  He was Chinese and Caucasian and was always made fun of as the Chinese kid.  He never understood why people wouldn’t accept that he was multi-racial.  In Fulbecks family he was considered the white one since he looked mostly American in comparison to his other family members, but at school he was the only Chinese boy.  Fulbecks talks about his struggles so he decided to change society.


Fulbeck created a term called ‘Hapa’ meaning half-breed.  He wanted everyone who went under the same scrutiny as him to know that they are not alone.  He created a book and filled a museum of his findings. To no surprise they were many that felt the same way he did.


He goes on to talk about the purpose and meaning of tattoos and how meaningful they can be.  Fulbeck really emphasized being comfortable and confident in your own skin.



I believe that everyone should be happy with the way they are, we are all blessed.  Regardless size, shape, or ethnicity we are all human and that’s important to remember when you stereotype and criticize.

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