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The hero I liked most was V.  V is dangerous, suspicious, caring, and mysterious.  I liked watching him from the beginning to end because you start with a negative perspective and by the end you feel sympathetic and sad.  I love that Evie brings out his nurturing side throughout the movie.  He is so interesting and majestic.  I enjoyed this film and hero the most throughout the year.




I also enjoyed Saving Private Ryan, the selflessness Captain Miller displayed was commendable.  It was very gross at times but it showed what actual soldiers go through, I believe that ever soldier is a Hero, by putting their country before themselves. Captain Miller sacrificed himself for others.

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My first post I wrote about Mulan.  I do not believe she meets all the requirement of a monomyth. But she did have a call to adventure and was very brave.  I think Mulan is strong just like Antigone, but the hero I think she relates to most is Brave Heart.  Mulan is an epic hero, because she lives with pride.


Altogether I liked all the heroes we learned about this year, V and Braveheart are my favorite of the semester.

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    I disagree, I think Mulan does have a Monomyth. She goes on this epic journey and she finds love. I would say she is similar to Sir Gawain because she disguises herself as a man to be a soldier in her fathers place. This is like how Gawain took King Arthur’s place in battle.

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