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During the duration of this class I discovered that there is much more to being a hero than I originally thought. I was naive in thinking that the term hero was really only directed to comic or film heroes. I have encountered many qualities that are described as heroic and the many types of heroes that actually exist (i.e.: Epic, Anti, Folk, Tragic, etc.) My personal favorite hero we analyzed would be V in V for Vendetta. Even though he wasn’t the perfect hero, he was a symbol of freedom against oppression, and that really speaks of heroism to me. I believe that we covered a plethora of heroes, but I thought we might have studied the Greek hero, like Hercules, a bit more in class; although I realized that we only had a limited time during this semester and could only cover so much.

            When I look back on my first blog post about which hero I was able to identify myself with, which was Wonder Woman. A monomyth can definitely be applied to her with her travels from her isolated homeland to the current population and experiencing brand new things along the way. I would categorize her as an epic hero for not only her amazing powers, but for her mental and emotional strength in all aspects of life. She would easily be considered a hero in many aspects, but I also believe it is difficult to find a flaw in her as well; and while she is a great role model to look up to, it sometimes may be hard to relate to her.

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