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Throughout the course we examined the many characteristics of a hero including epic, tragic, folk, anti, cultural and reluctant heroes. While all of these heroes ventured on a different path, all showed signs of greatness. With this said my favorite type of hero we covered in this course were the legends of folk heroes. Folk heroes were popular for having their name and characteristics idolized. Some of these heroes were based on historical figures but the majority of them were fiction as the hero was often exaggerated to mythic proportions. The folk hero often begins life as a normal person, but transforms into this person fighting an extraordinary battle.

An example of my favorite folk hero comes from the legendary tales of William Wallace in Braveheart. After the death of his father at a young age, William Wallace takes on the role of a freedom fighter for Scotland. Seeing the corruption of Scotland, William Wallace makes it his mission to evoke change and gain Scotland their independence. Being a great folk hero, he transforms from an ordinary man into a major iconic hero. Throughout the movie his legend continues to grow as many people have not met him but think they know specific details about his life. On the battle field Wallace becomes a fearless leader and a truly gifted fighter. He believes no army is to powerful or big in the quest for freedom. While his heroism is remarkable it is also enjoyable to study his many anti-hero characteristics. For example in the movie they portray William Wallace as a ruthless killer and a blood hungry man seeking revenge. In one of the battles scenes where his army gets obliterated, he personally goes after every man that betrayed him and hunts them down. People feel he likes the morality that is usually present in a great hero. Folk heroes often have anti-hero characteristics, but are over shadowed by their legendary status. The scene I will always remember for Braveheart is the final scene. As he is being tortured his ability to gather enough strength and scream out freedom is what makes him a great folk hero. William Wallace will always be remembered for being an ordinary man who was willing to take on an extraordinary cause.

If any hero could have been added to the curriculum, I would have liked to study the heroic actions of an athlete. Although we briefly touched upon Jackie Robinson, athletes have been responsible for shaping the world we live in today. Looking back at my first blog post I talked about Roger Federer as a hero. A hero is often defined by their actions, and Roger Federer displays some of the greatest characteristics including: courage, leadership and determination. On top of being a world-class athlete, Roger is one of the best role models out there. A hero not only has to have great personal characteristics but needs to develop a strong relationship with the community. Off the court he maintains his role model status by giving back to the community. He has developed many programs for underprivileged kids and has donated millions into the sport. Federer’s monomyth has transformed from an ordinary man to a legendary figure. He can almost be seen as a folk hero because of the great status he has on and off the court. People praise his leadership off the court and believe he is capable of doing anything on the court.

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