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When we talk about heroes more often than not we talk about them making some type of sacrifice somewhere along the way. Weather the sacrifice is having to leave your family behind or doing something for what you think is right for you country just like William Wallace. William Wallace from when he was very young had lost both of his parents and had to live with his uncle. The big picture here is that Wallace had to sacrifice a lot to lead and fight for what he believed in. He was willing to sacrifice his own life by being executed in front of many people because he would lay down to what the king of England wanted.

People maybe not know about the great day time show which I am not ashamed to say that I have been watching for many years General Hospital has a great character named James Morgan. James is actually a mod enforcer that actually has made and makes sacrifices. He sacrifices his life for the people that he loves and cares about. Although it might seem like he does bad things but I think the goo ways out the bad. He sacrificed his freedom and admitted to a crime he didn’t committee to keep someone safe in prison from his father’s enemies.

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