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Whether real life or in comic books, our heroes have to sacrifice many different things such as love, friendship, their bodies, and their lives. The common theme for a hero is that they are not asked to do anything, but they choose to sacrifice themselves for the well being of others. Everyday young men and women volunteer to sacrifice years of their life to fight for our country. They protect us and show great courage, but for my blog I wanted to right about regular people who were given the power to make a difference and chose to do so. “V”, from the movie V for Vendetta, was forced to be part of a cruel experiment that left him changed forever. It also opened his eyes to the terrible things that his government was doing; with this knowledge he sacrificed any real social life he could have had and in the end gave his life up to show the citizens of Britain that they should no longer live in fear of their government, and stand up for their freedom.

The character that came to mind when I thought of V’s situation is very different in his ways, but was also affected by a science experiment gone wrong. Bruce Banner becomes a giant, angry, green Hulk when he gets angry. Even though he tries his best to use his powers for good, he always seems to cause too much destruction. In the movie The Avengers, we see him sacrifice living a normal American life to help sick patients in a third word country. In the movie we also see him learn how to better control his powers and fight for his team to help save the world. Both “V” and the Hulk were thrown into a position in which they had to make decisions that changed their lives and they chose to sacrifice everything for strangers who at times looked at them as terrorists or monsters. Their decision to sacrifice and their determination to continue makes them both heroes.

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