Through the many heroes that are out there in the world on both on paper and in life, the hardest thing I think that one has to face with is making a sacrifice.  Some heroes make sacrifices for others, while others make them for themselves in order to be remembered.  But how many everyday people would be willing to sacrifice their own life for others? or be able to accept their sin and do the right thing in order to correct the order of things? I don’t think many people. King Oedipus and Dante are the ones that remind me of this kind of sacrifice.

King Oedipus reminds me of this kind of sacrifice because he broke the law when he killed a man (his father) and fled without paying the consequences. When he is king and realized that the only way to save his people is to bring the man who killed his father to justice, he acts on it. Even later when he finds out that it was him who is guilty, he keeps his word and doesn’t take pity on himself but instead pokes his eyes out and gets banished as if he were anyone else so that he could save his people from the plague that was going around.

In Dante’s Inferno, Dante has committed various sins and Lucifer takes his fiancé hostage for it.  At first, Dante tries to deny all the sin he has created while he was away fighting in the crusades, but the deeper he goes into hell to try to rescue his fiancé, he starts to accept his sin and realized that he can’t run away from it.  He realizes that he is no better then the people that are in hell suffering for their sins.  But he realizes that his fiancé is pure and doesn’t deserve to be in such a place so he risks his own life to try and save her.

These two are equal in the sense that they realized what their mistakes where and acted upon them instead of continuing to hide in blind site and avoid the fact that they had made mistakes.  Also, their mistakes put the lives of others in danger so to make things right, they both willingly through their lives out there to try and save the people they caused harm.

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