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When examining a hero it is important to understand the great sacrifice that is at hand. Every hero is noted for his or her courage, achievements and strength but in order to understand a hero you must truly understand the sacrifices a hero must make along their journey. Heroes come in a variety of different aspects. Some are born with super powers, some are given a certain path while some are just ordinary men. What is constant with all of these heroes is that they all fight for what they believe in. As we covered To Kill a Mockingbird in class, a learned a lot about Atticus Finch, and how he was an ordinary man who fought an extraordinary cause. A southern gentleman and a father, Atticus fit the many characteristics a hero should embody.

For this blog I choose to make a connection between Atticus Finch and Oskar Schindler. Both of these men were unlikely heroes who took on a challenge bigger then any one man and made great sacrifices along the way. Atticus Finch is noted for his great sacrifice when he was forced to take on the case of Tom Robison. Being in a town filled with racism, Atticus was fighting a case that was impossible to win. However, Atticus accepted this challenge and defended Mr. Robinson with every ounce of power he had. This allowed people to make judgments about him before, during and after the case. This also put his family at risk and exposed his children to the harsh realties of racism. Atticus who was a once very well respected lawyer in his town was subjected to being called a “nigger lover” and received a lot of hate from the white community. Despite this Atticus was a man of equality and was determined to fight for the justice of Tom Robison. While he sacrificed his reputation as a lawyer and the status of his family, his heroism shows how the ordinary man became an example of an extraordinary man. Another ordinary man who became an unlikely hero was Oskar Schindler. Although Oskar had some flaws in the beginning he is a prime example of sacrificing his life for the greater good of others. Schindler was a wealthy businessman, living in the everyday society of the holocaust. When he began to see the Jews not just as workers but as mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, he risked everything that he had to save the Jews from death in the camps. He went on to save more then 1200 Jews and spent all of his money on food, clothes and medication for the Jews. Being surrounded by such a harsh environment, his ability to go against society and fight for what he believes in is why he will always be a hero. In all both of these men were once ordinary citizens who took it amongst themselves to take on an “impossible” challenge and fight for the greater good of other people.


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