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On May 4, 1970 four students of Kent State University were shot and killed by U.S. National Guardsmen while protesting the Vietnam War. More specifically, the students formed the protest following President Nixon’s announcement of the American invasion of Cambodia. I chose this article, and the Vietnam War protests because it shows the other side of our typical vision of soldiers. The Vietnam War was widely contested by American citizens, and lacked national support towards the end. Protesters pleaded with the government to bring our troops home. I think this ultimately arose for multiple reasons. In particular, the draft took many men from their homes who had no will to go to war. Conscription divided the people of this nation into two polarized sides, and the government saw the largest opposition to a war in history.

The Kent State protest, in particular, led to a divisive community. The fact that U.S. troops were firing on American citizens brought anger and questioning into the minds of the American people. In the aftermath of the Kent State protest, more than campuses across the nation closed due to both violent and non-violent protest activities. These additional protests brought more death and more division among the American people.


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