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Unfortunately, there was another protest in South Africa. Because of labor unrest, 50 wine farm workers were arrested. Riot police and the protestors clashed in Grabouw, a town in the Western Cape close to the southern tip of South Africa,that resulted in two deaths. One of the more notable events during the protest happened was at a local supermarket. After dozens of protestors rioted and took over the store, police arrived and drew guns, leading to the protestors fleeing. South Africa is a huge wine distributor and producer, so for riots to happen again in the industry truly prove that there is unrest not just on farms, but throughout the country.

While I could not find scholarly articles on the issue, one more riot just instills the message that other countries are still struggling with any sort of peace. True injustices are happening, throughout that country and throughout countless other countries. It’s easy for me to talk about it while I’m on the other side of the world, but it’s scary knowing that riots of that nature are still happening. I’m not saying I know how to stop it: this is no easy task for anyone or any group of people to take on. But I think the awareness of events like this can only be a good thing so that people in better-off countries, such as the United States, understand what’s going on. If people know about it, some ideas and actions could make a difference. Will all problems be solved? No. but like anything in life that must be fixed, it’s a gradual process, and anything in the right direction is a step up.


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