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               Terrorism is often connected with a negative connotation. Terrorism is, by definition is “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” Although, from the other side, terrorists are another countries self-sacrificing heroes; like the Japanese Kamikaze’s who put their country’s interest before their own. This, I believe, is a form of justice only heroes can accomplish; to be able to put aside all other factors in their lives and be willing to give their life for the advancement and hopefully the success of their country.

                I believe that this also translates into people like cowboys, lawmen, and villains. The lines are blurred when peering through the looking glass. In the film Braveheart justice is served in multiple ways that don’t always seem as such in a certain point of view. William Wallace is searching for justification and retribution for the death of his wife and everything that has been done to him in his past. From the point of view from the monarchy, Wallace is a total wild card and continues to defy the wishes of the monarchy and also continues to break the laws set before him; although, from the rebellions point of view, William Wallace is a phenomenon along with a fantasized hero.

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