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When I heard that we were watching V for Vendetta the other day in class I asked other people if the movie was supposed to be good because I have never heard of it. Everyone told me that it was actually a really good one and that I was a lucky that I was watching it. I am choosing to use the letter D for domino. I think the character V was a very smart and intelligent person in the movie. He was a test subject for the horrible experiments that were done of people in what I think was a jail or people that were just taken there for no reason I’m not sure. I am choosing D for domino because every move that V did was planned out and calculated to get regents against all of the corrupted people that destroyed his life that way he knew it. The dominoes literally fell into place one by one as he kill everyone that was involved in what was done to him in the movie. I was pretty disappointed that we didn’t get his real name or that we didn’t at least get to see what he looked like before all of the bad things started happening to him.





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