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I understand the idea that terrorism is a matter of perspective, yet I do not necessarily agree. I think, in most cases, that terrorism is not defined entirely by the act, but rather by the intent as well. A common them in many of the stories we have discussed is a black and white fight for freedom. In Braveheart the Scottish clans fight to be free of oppression from the British. In V for Vendetta we see a fascist government controlling its people, and the consequent fight to be free. In TKAM the idea is to free society of fear and a superiority complex and realize all men as equal.

While each side  may view the other as radical from their own perspective, objective viewer can typically see which side is “good” or “bad” based on the intent or moral backbone of the perspective. I think especially as Americans we rally around the idea of freedom and equality and identify with these themes in stories that we see. We are trained from a young age that freedom is a fundamental right that all men and women should have and that anything less than this is unacceptable. For this reason we quickly identify with heroes such as Braveheart, or  V, or Atticus and look for faults in their enemies.

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