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The word justice can be manipulated and interpreted in many ways. For example, when reading To Kill A Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is accused of raping Ewells daughter. Although innocent, the people of Maycomb believe that justice has been served because he was colored. Justice is skewed by the person who is looking at the word. Although against the law, was justice served when Bob Ewell was killed but they decided to say he fell on the knife and was not stabbed by someone else? It can be manipulated to fit the circumstances.

When looking at justice and terrorism in the eyes of good guys versus villian, I first think about at V. In the movie V for Vendetta we see that V ultimately has good intentions but uses tactics of terror to get them. So thinking further, how could we classify him? Does the way that he looks at just differ from how we look at it? Because the movie is centered around him, do we see justice in a new light. In my opinion, we do. When we root for a character in a movie, show or book we usually look at justice from their point of view. Something like killing another human being might be generally seen as unjust but when we get to know that characters and thier circumstances we could end up seeing those killings of the innocent as just. Whether it is the “bad guy” or the “good guy”, justice is for the person that has the best excuse in my opinion.

Like I stated early, To Kill A Mockingbird is and interesting way to look at the term justice and terrorism. Throughout the whole trial during the novel, we are rooting for Atticus and Tom Robinson because during todays times, race doesnt gererally determine the ruling in a court of law. However, during that time, it did. We saw how the justice system worked for the trial and we wanted nothing more than for Atticus to win the case. Although, unlucky, we still hoped that justice would prevail. This justice system, like Atticus states is very “black and white”. It is easy to see where justice lies, even if the jury refuses to admit it. After the case there is another instance where the anti-hero, Bob Ewell wants revenge for embarressing him and his family in court, even though they had won their case. By even creating some doubt, the Ewells name was looked at in a different light. The laws are unjust during that time because they favor the whites. Today, it feel unjust, but during that time, to some, it was just. Its a confusing, complicated and disturbing justice system at the time but that is how it worked. Like in Unforgiven the reputation was important because that is almost how they created and withheld their laws. Although wanting to do the right thing and help kill the men that cut up the womens face, was it just because it was to get revenge, or unjust because murder is never just. Its lines like these that make justice so subjective.

I believe that William Wallce is a just man. Although his actions can be perceived as terroristic, he action have the right intentions. The term justice is widely subjective because it depends on who we want to triump. In the real world, justice is mostly determined by the government and court systems but in movies and even senarios such as war, they are more subjective. Although his actions may have been violent and extreme in nature, he encouraged others to fight for what they believed in. Wallace and V are extremely similar in the sense that their intentions are good but the way that they get there can be perceived as evil or terrorism in nature. The difference, however, is that V has more of a personal vendetta while Wallace has the thoughts of others lingering.

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