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Warren Wallace is a hero through his actions and courage. He gains followers by inflicting fear upon them. In many ways, Wallace uses terrorism as a means to achieve his goal – which is ultimately for Scotland to gain its independence. A great scene in the movie portrays this when Wallace threatens to personally fight the Scottish nobility in getting them to fight England for all of their freedom.

I believe that terrorism can be used as a tool to persuade people to fight for a bigger purpose. Not only is Wallace an excellent model of this, but V in “V or Vendetta” utilizes terrorism as a device to inspire people. In V’s case, he spoke the brutal truth of what the government was doing, and that instilled fear in the British citizens to fight against their government for its wrongdoings.

Fear can be also used as a tool to bring justice against the opposition. In “V for Vendetta”, V threatens and terrorizes the Chancellor and British government, and thus this terrorism weakens their power as an entity. Because of the weakened British government, V and his followers are able to overthrow it. Wallace also uses terrorism to weaken his opponent, the king of England. He continually threatens to declare a war on England unless Scotland is given its independence; in the end, Wallace acts on this threat, and Scotland ends up going to war with England.  Even though the Scots did not win the Battle of Falkirk, this battle was one of many fights that eventually led to the independence of Scotland.

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