Strager Hero 7

One main reason soldiers are heroic is simply because they are standing up for something they believe in. Although this seems like an easy concept people often keep their mouths shut to avoid ridicule or confrontation. The fact that they are risking their lives to do this only adds to their bravery and faith in the cause.

A personal hero of mine is named Roi Klein. I first heard his story when I was in middle school and it has stuck with me ever since. I have also have the chance to visit his grave in Israel. Story of Roi Klein

Roi Klein was a soldier in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) during the second Intifada or Lebanon war.  On July 26th, 2006 when he was on duty, a comrade was injured and he and his friends picked him up and put him on a stretcher. While they were taking care of their fellow soldier, Roi heard a grenade and yelled “rimon”, the transliterated word for grenade in Hebrew, to alert his fellow men. As he yelled, he jumped on the grenade and saved the lives of all of his surrounding men. Roi saw the threat and without more than a second to think about it risked his own life for his friends. This to me is true selflessness and heroism.


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