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Just to start this blog off I would like to say that I believe soldiers are definitely considered heroes with the work and sacrifice that they give up on a day to day basis protecting our country. For my military hero I decided to talk briefly about the story of Merlin Germany, an 18 year old kid when he was enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2003.

Merlin German was an 18 year old in the prime of his life when he enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2003. He soon gained a reputation for being an outstanding leader, and became a sergeant the following year. In Iraq he and his fellow officers were entrusted with transporting cargo and prisoners, and were responsible for spotting improvised explosive devices (IED) on the dangerous roads that they traveled. During his first 6 months Sgt. German discovered 8 IEDs without incident but on February 21st 2005 an IED went off near there Hummer and Sgt German was covered in Flames. No one expected him to survive this incident but with help from his fellow marines he was rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment. Over the next 3 years this brave marine withstood over 100 surgeries and always had a smile on his face when visitors would come. He became known as the miracle man, unfortunately in 2008 he passed away after a skin-reconstruction operation was to much for his fragile body.


Before his death Merlin German established a foundation called Merlins Miracles, a nonprofit that provides grants to the families of children who are burn victims, to assist them with taking vacations and doing other things they enjoyed. Thanks to Sgt German many children will finally have a second chance at a normal life. I personally believe that Sgt German is just one great example of a soldier that can be considered a hero and there are millions of other brave individuals who served there countries in battle, both in America and across the world.

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