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Super heroes are not just men or women who dress up in costumes and fight the bad guys so that the people of the town or city they are protecting are safe. To me, the best super hero is a soldier. A soldier for the United States of America is the biggest hero in my mind. They fight to protect the many liberties we get to enjoy here on the homeland. They travel miles and miles across the world, over six continents and many different countries in order to protect United States civilians. These heroes lay down their lives to protect the United States. To me, the biggest sacrifice of all is your life and if you are willing to die for your country and the friends and family that live in this country, then that is the biggest and best sacrifice. This makes the men and woman of the armed forces of the United States of America the biggest heroes in the world. My grandfather was in the armed forces many years ago and was a very patriotic man. Although I never got the chance to meet him, my mom told me how much he loved his country and would always serve for his country until the day he died. Like i said and i will always believe that the soldiers that fight for the United States of America are the best type of hero in my mind.

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