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G is for Government

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

When I watch this movie I think the main theme is government. I find the prime minister’s power and corruption to be the cause in the government’s ultimate downfall. Before this, government has controlled the media by lying to the public about events, news and other important matters relating to their everyday lives; the population was kept in fear in order to maintain structure and prevent chaos. For example, moral authority was an emphasis, and if you did not follow the rules and codes of these “laws”, you were punished and humiliated. Some believe the government resembled the Nazi power in Germany, dominating those who were citizens by using fear as their choice of weapon.

In my opinion, the government should not be against the people, but to work for them in order to maintain a safe and cohesive environment. It is the government’s duty to make laws that can be followed and regulated by the people, but can be adjusted when necessary. When a company chooses to “go to bed with the government”, they then are betraying the trust of the public and their right to be informed. Everything becomes a secret, making the public the “enemy” and using fear to avoid confrontation.  Despite this, however, the power of individuals coming together to fight as one is stronger than any fear placed upon them. The people fight and conquer what is rightfully theirs, thereby defeating the government and their “control” and lawful ways.

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    I think your perspective on their government is totally right. This film showed a completely opressive government that was not looking out for the people’s best interest. V said a wonderful quote about governments being afraid of their people, who are the people who hold the real power.

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