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“Artists use lies to tell the truth. Yes, I created a lie. But because you believed it, you found something true about yourself.” -V V for Vendetta

A is for art. In V for Vendetta the citizens of England have been oppressed by their government under the guise of what seems beneficial to society. Much like what was witnessed in Nazi Germany when books which were deemed dangerous to the regime were burned and outlawed, many pieces of art and forms of expression have been outlawed in England in the film. Art represents expression and individualism, both concepts which the British government attempt to squelch to continue an uncontested rule over its citizens. When Dietrich mocks the chancellor on his show, a form of free speech, he is taken from his home and killed. The government fears the idea of individual thought and free speech.

V is in possession of an astonishingly large collection of art and historical relics which he reclaimed from the government vaults. This in itself speaks volumes to the ideals which move V. He wishes to reclaim the individualism that once existed prior to the chancellor coming to power. It is not the man behind the mask that is important, but rather the idea. Art is a type of mask for the artist. Creating “lies to tell the truth” allow an artist to speak out against the government.


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