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One of my favorite movies of all time is How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days starring Kate Hudson, also known as Andie Anderson. In this movie, I see her more as a love interest as well as the antagonist. Although one could argue that her co-star Mathew McConaughey, who plays Ben Barry is also the antagonist but because the story is being told through Andie’s eyes, she is the antagonist. Andie is extremely devoted to her work and wants nothing more than to succeed and impress her boss at the magazine she works at. Andie is also single, but feels as though she doesn’t need a man to complete her life. The audience would find it easy to identify with Andie towards the beginning of the film because they understand how she wants to get ahead in her job, but towards the end of the film the begin to understand more about her actions and see how her character has developed and changed over the course of the film. There is not much about her background other than she came from a somewhat poor family, but a strong family with high moral value. This is what drives her to do the best she can at work. She wants to follow her dreams unlike her parents. Andie wants to get a promotion in work so she is willing to pretend to date someone and see if they can fall in love with her in ten days and ultimately ends up getting the promotion and falling in love at the same time.

In the film, this character is portrayed as someone who works hard for what they get and knows that with hard work, they will be okay. The narration in this film helps to establish how Andie sees the world and, in a sense, how she prioritizes her life. It interesting how shes overlooks how her actions could effect someones life. For a character that focused so much on her friends and her relationships, it was interesting to see that she was willing to risk hurting someone just to write an article. This character is realistic because not only does she knows what she wants but she is also willing to go the length which I find typical of women. I also find it realistic because although she has intentions to just get information for her paper, she also ended up not being able to keep her true feelings out of it. Love was not a priority but it became one when she finally found someone to love. She is an extraordinary character and is so focused that she loses her focus at times, but she always seems to find her way back.

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