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My all time favorite movie is Burlesque, Burlesque was produced in 2010

and Christina Aguilera plays the main character Ali. In this movie we see her transform from a farm girl to a headliner.  As a character she is introduced as poor and unhappy and by the end she is a star.


Ali is determined, outspoken, beautiful, spunky, and dedicated to her dream.  We see her bloom as a character throughout the movie.  She is my favorite character because as the movie goes on we begin to understand more and more about her. Although she doesn’t play a ‘hero’ role she does inspire.  Her role in this movie was to encourage and persuade her audience to follow their dreams.  As cliche as it may sound Ali was a go getter.


In this movie we see her ups and her downs which makes the audiences emotions anxious.  The way her character was revealed throughout the movie is exciting.  At first we see a small town girl and we get to watch her transform to a big town celebrity.  Of course there is a love interest but we see Ali handle her admirer respectfully and mature.  By her actions we really see how focussed she is on her goals. I think Ali is a great inspirational character that is admired by most, not just because she is beautiful, but because she is classy and fabulous.

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