To say Beowulf was pagan or christian is very hard because the book is combines so perfectly with both elements.  We see that the book tries to tie in christian themes with pagan traditions such as monsters and such.  I want to say however that i side with the idea that  Beowulf is christian.  The book ties in both elements of pagan and christian themes well but the fact that God is mentioned throughout the poem.  The fact that Grendel is the decedent of Cain which comes from the Old Testament shows the christian side of it.  When Beowulf goes into to fight the dragon with his 12 men they could be seen as his disciples since Jesus himself had 12 disciples.  Also since Grendel is the descendant of Cain, and Cain in the Old Testament was the first person to commit murder and Grendel in the poem attacked first.  And how Beowulf is always being protected and saved by God shows how God favors him and that Beowulf is a great believer.  I think that maybe Beowulf started out as a pagan character but then changed into a christian character by a monk or a second author and that is why we see both elements combined really well throughout the book.

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