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When reading the story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and taking a look at the Rules of Courtly love, you get the feeling that there was really no way for Sir Gawain to meet everyones wishes. In my opinion Sir Gawain was a man of great character and nobility. He tries to obey the Code of Chivalry and shows respect to authority by doing whatever the wife wants to him to do to a major extent. Sir Gawain kept his respect and honor even during times when it seemed like he couldn’t possibly satisfy everyone. I would  defend Sir Gawain by making a case that  he is actually a person with good morals, and character, in doing whatever it was that the lady wanted him to do, while at the same time trying to satisfy the lords desires also. By kissing the lord the same amount of times that his wife kissed him every night clearly shows that he is trying to do what he can to please the lord and his wife. I think because of this that there are some flaws in the code of chivalry, at least enough to make you question whether or not the rules  that are in the code of chivalry are to vague and need to be broadened a bit due to certain situations that cause extenuating circmustances. However Gawains loyalty to the rules in the codes of chivalry is what keeps him from going further and sleeping with this hots wife. However finally I could see an argument saying why would Gawain accept the challenge in the first place with the green night when clearly he doesn’t seem to have the courage to deal with the potential negative outcomes that could happen with the green night? Seems slightly cowardly to me.

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