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Many people see super heroes everyday on television in either cartoon shows or movies on the television. Many people have seen commercials with a hero that I like myself to, but they do not even know it. I would be an unconventional super hero, his name is Smokey the Bear and he helps to prevent forest fires. He devotes his existence to helping save the forest from fires and also save the wildlife in the forests by always pushing a message across, that all people can prevent forest fires. I myself am a very avid nature lover and hate to see forests be destroyed and all of the wildlife living in them by forest fires. I am a caring person such as Smokey and want people and animals to always be well off. Smokey is not a fighter and he certainly does not go out looking for a fight, however if a fight comes to him, he is reading to stand up for what he believes in and use strong words to influence people to prevent forest fires. I also am not a fighter but I do truly stand up for what I believe in and would rather talk to people and try to help influence them to change their ways rather than fight them and physically hurt them into changing their ways. Smokey always looks out for his fellow forest friends and only wants the best for them, just as I look after my friends and want the best for them as well.

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