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Courtly Love Commandment 7– “Be obedient in all things to the commands of ladies, thou shalt ever strive to ally thyself to the service of love.”

Chivalry Tenet – “Exhibit self-control.”

Knights are governed by the code of chivalry and the rules of courtly love, simultaneously. There appears to be an element of difficulty in strictly adhering to the rules of courtly love, as well as the knightly codes. The commandment of courtly love quoted above is quite controversial, in my opinion. Knights are commanded to have good character (as a tenet of chivalry), but the wishes of the wrong lady can cause them to compromise that.  If a knight is to be obedient in ALL things to the commands of ladies, then he essentially loses all elements of self-control. The courtly love commandment virtually robs a knight of his ability to have self-control.  For example, Gawain was exemplified as the quintessential Christian knight and held good character, in my opinion. However, he eventually succumbed to the seduction by the lady, an act which goes against his morals. Gawain strived to withstand all of the lady’s advances but daily, he grows weaker in chivalry and stronger in the rules of courtly love.

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