strager Hero 2

To me a good example of a modern day tragic hero would be John Lennon. He encompassed all of the important aspects that a tragic hero should have. He was extremely goal-oriented and always vouched for fair equality and peace. In addition, his superiority of the modern man was due to his incredible sense of musical, artistic and creative talents. He was famous not only for his works as a musician, but for his political activism as well. Many, such as the FBI, feared his power and went so far as to try to get him deported and rid the country of the consistent threat they felt from him (and Yoko) due to his outspoken views and his close relationships with radical activists such as John Sinclair. People too pitied him for giving up his legendary ties to the Beatles for Yoko Ono, his second wife and companion. His hamartia was that he visibly cared more about his second family than his first. Lennon left his wife Cynthia and his son Julian for Yoko Ono. During Julian’s upbringing he was often an absent father due to his career and fame, but when Lennon had his second son, Sean, with Yoko, which also happened to be on his 35th birthday, he stopped working and became a complete family man, spending all of his time with his new son and his wife. Although many place Lennon on a pedestal for his courage to speak up for what he believed in, we are able to see him as just your everyday soul by recognizing his faults, that one might, under other circumstances, deem as inexcusable. He suffered from situational irony due to his abrupt assassination. While some might have been able to guess that his life was in danger, most chose to believe otherwise and were only convinced once the day his demise arrived.


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