Major Monday: Nicole Galante

Nicole Galante ’19 is an accomplished English major concentrating in literature and PWR and minoring in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Galante is a Provost Scholar and a Betty Gerow Scholarship Award recipient, among other titles.


Nicole Galante ’19 presents her research on young adult power in young adult literature at SURE day 2018.

An Elon College Fellow and Summer Undergraduate Research Experience participant, Galante is also the recipient of the Rawls Endowed Research Grant. She combines her expertise in literature, PWR and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to conduct research and formulate theories about young adult power, or lack thereof, in the young adult genre. Throughout her two and a half year long research initiative, Galante has read and analyzed 20 contemporary young adult novels.

According to Galante, the inspiration for this research topic stemmed from her discussions with Dr. Cahill, Galante’s professor of Sex, Gender, and Power during the spring of Galante’s freshman year. Dr. Cahill introduced Galante to the idea researching the connection between childhood and oppression. “The idea blew my mind,” said Galante, “I’d always understood that children don’t have the same power as adults, but I’d never thought about it in the context of privilege and oppression.”

Galante attributes her positive research experience to the Elon College Fellows program and Dr. Isaac, her mentor. “It wasn’t until I came to Elon and took Dr. Isaac’s Young Adult Literature class that I realized my personal passions could also be academic pursuits,” said Galante, “It’s that love and pride, not the grants and awards I’ve won along the way, that make my project a huge achievement.”

Dr. Megan Isaac’s mentorship with Galante has been an instrumental resource for Galante. “Not only has she helped me with my research, but she’s also taken an interest in me as a young professional and as a person. Having that faculty connection has strengthened my bond with the English Department as a whole,” said Galante.

Galante admits to having initial doubts about majoring in English, which have since dissipated completely. “I can confidently say that I couldn’t have made a better choice,” Galante said, “If you’re doubting yourself, know that you will come out of this major with valuable skills that employers are looking for.”

Galante attributes the combination of her PWR and literature studies to her success as a writer and researcher. “I’ve been able to supplement my literature studies with PWR, and my PWR studies with literature,” Galante said, “Together, they’ve taught me how to analyze thoroughly, read closely, and write widely.”

Following graduation, Galante will join Elon’s Masters of Higher Education program. For two years, she will be an apprentice “with residential and academic partnerships.” She will be one of twelve students in the second cohort. “My ultimate post-grad school goal is to work with first generation college students like myself,” said Galante.

Galante is an example of a student who discovered her passion for English and her niche within the field. She has reaped the English Department’s resources to enhance her skills, hone in on her interests, and produce ground-breaking content.

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