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Zack Stern ’20

Finding Their Place in the World: Marketing NYC Real Estate to Gen Z Through Visual-Prose Media

“Finding Their Place In The World: Marketing NYC Real Estate To Gen Z Through Visual-Prose Media,” was inspired by the new wave of thinking that’ has spurred out of Gen Z and their unique relationship with technology in our every day lives through entertainment, work, and information consumed. The starting point in PWR is one’s ability to understand the habits and mentality of a target audience, and craft visual or prose media to educate, inform, or persuade them by artistic and systematic means of telling the truth. Finding Their Place In The World aimed to analyze an audience, the incoming wave of people who will participate in the real estate market, such as by drawing on case studies such as EY, “A Generation of Contradiction.” It was
clear from this survey data that Gen Z’s values, beliefs, and aspirations were pragmatic and risk-adverse and attuned to social environmental needs. Along with Niki Gillian’s “Three Brand Campaigns That Successfully Engaged Gen Z,“ the research indicated that the most advantageous way to advertise to this community is from a transparent, and honest approach. Engaging them directly through social media is appropriate as those channels are the most common way Gen Z shares ideas and consumes information. Crafting a personal identity in a brand is also crucial in making an ad campaign believable as the best way to win over Gen Z’s trust is through personal connection and feeling. Therefore, the research indicated that a website was the most effective way to engage this audience from a rhetorically visual and prose perspective. Turn and Key, my imagined brand concept, pulls from my findings. PWR courses in multimedia and rhetoric, and articles such as “What do Technical Communicators Need to Know About Information Design” by Karen Schriver, provided an understanding of how to implement effective information design. The website is clear without any hidden tabs, the pages are color blocked to signal changes in topics while also maintaining continuity and clarity. As the digital storefront to the business, the unique message of the company, it’s personal identity, and products must be obvious and easily accessible.

Learn more at https://youtu.be/f3CO0HAUpF4

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