Generation Entrepreneur: The First Business Podcast By and For GenZ

Angela Dawn Myers (Mentor: Dr. Jessie L. Moore)

This study examined the necessary skills for entrepreneurs and freelancers to successfully run a business. In 2019, over 35% of the American workforce identified as freelancers  (Poefeldt, 2019). It’s predicted over half the workforce could be freelancers within the next decade, something commonly referred to as the rise of the gig economy where workers are paid by gig or job instead of working on salary for one employer. While freelancing or becoming an entrepreneur may appeal to young graduates, there are also a lot of risks involved and not every skill needed to succeed in these industries is taught at university. Further, a lot of professional training in universities is centered around how to find full-time jobs after graduation. To better understand the entrepreneurial skill set, how to create a successful business, and how to break into the field, the researcher interviewed 4 entrepreneurs about their own journeys and advice they had for young graduates on a podcast. These interviews answered the question: what skills do university graduates need to become successful business owners? Much research within the field of professional writing and rhetoric looks at how professional writing and rhetorical strategies play a role in society and how to compose multimodal rhetoric. This research explores how rhetoric not only plays a role in the lives of these entrepreneurs, but also how college students can utilize rhetorical tools like podcasts to further their professional careers. Further, in order to edit the podcast, the researcher did extensive research into the best rhetorical strategies around podcasting and completed market research on how this podcast will contribute to the larger community of business podcasts. While the results are not prescriptive, all four interviewees stressed the importance of networking, audience analysis, and passion in order to succeed.

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