Print Text isn’t Going Anywhere

Cadence Dingler ’16, guest blogger
ereader-library1For the past 3 weeks, AKA the entirety of our short time here in ENG 311 Publishing  this Winter Term, our class has read about and discussed nearly 1,000 years of book history and publishing as a whole. A resounding theme we talked and read about was the fate of print books now that eBooks and other sorts of technological advancements to reading are coming about.

It is oftentimes assumed that print books are on their way out of our heavily technology-centered culture, simply because this technology is providing new ways in which to read. Many assume that because technology has many “advantages” compared to Books, that now all of a sudden print books will begin to disappear from our bookshelves and libraries.

However, print books really aren’t going anywhere, and I’ll tell you why. As I wrote in my last blog post for class, we as a race of knowledgeable, free-thinking, creative people have the ability to choose what we like and don’t like. If we, as a whole, really didn’t like printed books, I think that they would be gone by now. But honestly, many people would be up in arms if books disappeared from our society.

Not only do we get to choose what to keep and what to get rid of, but there would be hundreds of people around the world that would have nothing to read. As noted in our textbook, An Introduction to Book History, “developing countries cannot afford the new media” (120). Simply, print books are still widely used, not only in 1st world countries, but in 3rd world countries as well.

Again, I believe that if we really wanted print gone, it would be gone. But I think the majority of the world has no desire to see it go. For an interesting perspective as to why print books aren’t going anywhere, check out this link.

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