Donald Trump & The Power of Publicity


Unless you’ve been boycotting social media, television, and in-person conversation since the summer, it is likely you know that Donald Trump is a front-runner in the 2016 United States Presidential Election. His statements are radical, controversial, and sometimes offensive, but it is no secret that Trump and his advisers are masterful publicists. Trump has zeroed in on an audience to appeal to and knows just the way to structure his messages so they resonate in the hearts and minds of prospective voters.

As with most effective political communication — especially during an election cycle, appealing strongly to one group of people can be extremely alienating toward another. His rash statements and aggressive persona have made him a figure that one either loves or hates (or in Trump’s case, loves to hate). A man notorious for high-level production – whether it is cash, casinos, or toupee memes — has undoubtedly mastered the art of publicity generation.

Regardless of your perspective on The Donald, it is undeniable that he has become a total media sensation. The Big 4 American broadcast and cable networks have provided him with nearly 24/7 coverage. Trump has completely saturated mainstream media and ironically has yet to produce a single paid advertisement. Even his biggest critics have provided him nearly unlimited screen-time. It is this overwhelming and constant press attention that has catapulted him to an early lead – of the 15 Republican presidential candidates; Trump has secured the top spot.

Trump’s “rhetoric of divisiveness” is fueled by charged comments and a boastful, confident persona. His statements are simple and easy to comprehend, making him popular with a large demographic of voters. As for that coveted spot in the Oval – it remains debatable whether or not his distinct tone will continue to strike a cord with the American public, or if it will eventually lead voters to turn on him on both sides of the aisle. Needless to say, Trump’s relentless take-over of traditional and social media is working in his favor, whether or not it intends to.

For more information on Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric, check out the links below:

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