Meet the Associate: Margaret Bryant

My name is Mags Bryant and I am a senior English major with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Rhetoric. I spent the summer bouncing around the country and was lucky enough to spend a month in Boulder, Colorado at Naropa University’s Summer Writing Program. I had the opportunity to be a CUPID Associate last spring, and I am really excited to continue as an Associate this semester!unnamed

My double concentration and coursework have taught me to view writing (whether it’s creative or professional) in a universally applicable way. I love that as a writer I am challenged and often required to apply my craft in a variety of rhetorical situations. In addition to being a CUPID Associate, I am also a Writing Center Consultant and the Editor-in-Chief for Elon’s Literary Magazine, Colonnades. As a result of TA-ing Prof. Strickland’s Beat Generation Literature winter term course, I am currently conducting undergraduate research on the relevance of Beat Generation Literature today and how it is approached in academia.

Through PWR, I have learned the importance of effective communication and persuasion as well as the value of collaboration. As I said, I am excited to be an Associate again this semester, and I can’t wait to help you with all things PWR. You can find me in the CUPID Studio (Alamance 318) every Wednesday from 4:00pm-6:00pm! Hope to see you there!

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