Words From The Wise: Parting Thoughts From Soon-to-be Graduates

With Commencement just a few weeks away, the Cupid Blog wanted to take a minute and talk to a few of the soon-to-be graduating seniors about what they have learned and hear any PWR words of wisdom they might have to share.


                                                                                                                          Dustin Swope 

11225510_10206820098124938_560738177_n“PWR has taught me the power of rhetoric as a tool for enacting change in the world, as well as the need to lead future authors by example towards an ethical relationship with rhetoric.”

“My advice  is to start every project by learning as much as you can about the topic, the people that you’re writing to, and possibly the people that you’re writing for. Then, use this information to spread knowledge and make a positive difference in the world.”






Rachel Lewis 

11205105_10206526807630559_8413733152649991146_n-2“PWR taught me how to communicate. It taught me that writing has value within the sphere of social justice, and it taught me that social media can be huge when it comes to uplifting the voices of marginalized voices. More than anything, PWR has taught me that communication is great, but communication backed by theory and ethics has the ability to make a huge influence on the ways that we interact in the world. Because of PWR, I have had the opportunity to manage a number of social media accounts, I know how to send a professional email that will get a response, and I know how to design a brochure that allows my readers to skim without losing any important information.”



Miranda Allan


“Keep track of how your PWR definition and identity evolve throughout your coursework. It’s something we’re always wrapped up in, but we don’t always examine it critically. As a senior, I wish that I had more materials chronicling my growth throughout the program!”

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