On Finals: Five Things You’re Probably Realizing Your Parents and Teachers Were Right About

Mags Bryant ’16| Creative Writing & Professional Writing and Rhetoric

With finals starting next week, you can practically smell the anxiety upon entering Belk. Right about now you might be realizing that your parents and teachers might have been right all along when they were telling you how to get through your final exams.


1. Finished is More Important Than Perfect. 

When it comes down to it, turning in perfection is not nearly important as completing your work to the best of your ability and doing so on time.


2. Studying or Revising Over the Course of Multiple Days is Better Than Cramming.

Studies like this one that came out of Stanford University have shown that cramming is not the way to go. It’s harder to retain the information and cramming as a concept is in and of itself stressful. Space out your study sessions and try to switch up your subjects so you done overload on one class. And check out these tips from the American Psychology Association on how to study smart.


3. Help is Worth Asking For.

Professors are people too. If you need help, ask for it. If study groups are beneficial to you, reach out to your classmates and get one in your schedule. If you’re writing a paper, use your resources and visit the Writing Center before they finish for the semester.


4. Take a Break When You Need a Break.

It’s been proven that our brains can only concentrate for so long. Short, mindful study breaks area good idea, especially if you’ve got a long night in the library a head of you. Though most of us, myself included,  use our study breaks as time to check social media, experts suggest leaving your screen altogether. For suggestions, check out these tips on How to Take a Study Break!


 5. There is Always Time for the Following Things: Sleep, Food, and Exercise.

Not only does exercise improve your quality of sleep, and therefore, will help you take on each day of finals with less tired eyes, but going to the gym or for a run will release endorphins as well as giving you a well-deserved study break. Harvard found that exercise actually changes the way your brain functions in regard to memory and thinking skills. The idea is simple: eat better, feel better; feel better, perform better.


6. It Will All Be Over Soon.

Summer is just around the corner and finals will be over sooner rather than later. Just stay focused, be good to yourself, and keep going.


Still feeling stressed? Check out Buzzfeed’s Motivational Gifs  or relive the Stages of Finals during your next study break. Good luck!

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