Preregistration: What Classes To Take

Beckah Porter ENG: PWR’16 Although registering for classes can be stressful, there are so many PWR classes to look forward to. There is a range of classes that are being offered in the spring that are requirements for all PWR students. In this post I will be going through each of these classes in detail to help students learn what their options are.

If you’re interested in web design, video editing, photography and graphic design, then English 212 Multimedia Rhetoric may appeal to you. In this class students will learn how to best approach interfaces and learn how to design them. Students will learn how to balance between ideas as a writer, but also the readers’ needs in text design. This class is being offered on Monday/Wednesday at 1:40-3:20.

Want to learn how to communicate effectively? Interested in philosophers and historical texts? Take Understanding Rhetoric (English 304) in the spring at 10:30-12:10. Throughout this class students will interact with texts from philosophers and put these texts into modern contexts. Students will be able to compare different texts and learn about the different communication methods and how these methods have transformed and evolved over time.

If you want to grasp the art of professional writing and are interested in the different perspectives of rhetoric Introduction to Professional Writing (English 215) may interest you. Students have the opportunity to gain some practical, hands-on experience through a variety of professional writing projects. Students will apply their practical knowledge that will be obtained in this class to engage in the ongoing discussion about what is rhetoric and how it pertains to the professional world. This class is being offered Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-9:40.

Interested in applying your knowledge to the professional world? Do you want to work with clients to gain necessary experience but also have the help from a professor when needed? CUPID Studio (English 282) may be for you. CUPID Studio allows students to interact with clients to gain skills but also experiences through client-based projects. The workshop values the rhetorical process, research and writing, visual rhetoric design, and audience assessment. Students will actively participate in the editing, designing, and publishing processes. This class is being offered on Monday at 3:35-5:15.

If you want to have an on campus job and are interested in making extra money then Writing Center Workshop (English 319) may interest you. If students pass the class, students are eligible to become a writing center consultant that is located in the library. Not only are students learning about how to become a writing tutor; students are enhancing their own writing abilities. Students develop strong writing skills but are also able to work with others. This class is being offered Tuesday/Thursday 10:30-12:10.

Another PWR requirement for students is a 300 level literature class. There are many opportunities for students to take a literature class that interest them on topics ranging from the renaissance period to topics such as Comedy and Laughter.

Reminder: All PWR students must complete an internship that counts for school credit. In order to do this, the internship must be approved by the school and will be counted as a class; therefore these credits must be paid for.

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