Preregistration: Why Classes & Clients Are Important

Beckah Porter: ENG- PWR,’16

Thanksgiving is so close I can practically taste the turkey, but one of the most important days at Elon is arriving as well: registration day. Previously stated in our post, alumni shared just how important picking classes are. In these classes, students have the opportunity to learn more of the necessary skills that should be developed in order to be successful in the professional world.

Elon students have the choice to pick classes that directly work with clients, which can further benefit students to be more prepared to work with others after Elon. By choosing client based PWR classes, students can begin to make materials for a client but also

Clients exist everywhere and therefore the ability to work with clients also exists. However, Elon makes it easier on students to work with clients through internships but also classes that are available for winter and also spring semester. The PWR classes that are being offered will help students get a glimpse at the professional world, but will also continue to be an engaging classroom experience. Students will be able to learn how to work with clients with the advantage of having a professor at reach to voice questions or concerns too. Students should take advantage of these classes to gain experiences before entering the workplace.

There are many different types of clients, therefore there are many different ways to best handle a client. It is important to stay professional in any business relationship meaning that deadlines should always be met, and the final product should be completed to the best of your ability. However, it is also important to be honest with yourself and your client. If a project is going to be expensive and also time consuming, be realistic about the timeline and how much the project will cost the client. If the client set too many high standards, bring the client back to reality. If you are unsure about the vision of a client ask for details and specifics so that you can best complete the project with their vision in mind. Although you are stamping your name of approval on every project that you complete, ultimately it is your job to make the client happy.

Sometimes regardless of your efforts you will just get a client that is rather difficult. Smile through your pain and bite on your tongue, realize You. Are. Not. Alone. The process of working with others can be strenuous because not everything is in your control. However it is vital to ask yourself some questions: What works best for you? What experiences (good or bad) did you gain from this opportunity? What did you realize your strengths and weakness are? How involved with others do you want to be? By reflecting during and after this process, you will have a better understanding of how you are as a student and a professional.

Remember to sign up for classes that are going to better you as a student but also prepare you for the “real world.” Take advantage of the client-based projects in your PWR classes and pay attention to how each situation can reflect experiences that are valuable.

Here is a Prezi that was presented at our last CUPID workshop, Meeting With Clients!, that further emphasizes the importance of clients and how client relationships directly impact you as a student.

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