Internship Insight: Why is it Important?

Finally being back at school and settling into our busy routines we are reminded why we are at school: to receive an education. Yet, somehow in many cases having that college degree is not enough anymore to guarantee that you will leave Elon with a job (which can be a little scary to think about, right?) However, this is an important concept to understand because there are many ways to be better prepared to leave Elon and step into the professional world. But how do you get your toes in the door?

Throughout the CUPID blog post this semester we will be discussing many important topics of how to get an internship, such as resume building and the interview process. However, this week will focus on why jobs and internships are important and how to maintain professional after you have rocked the steps after. This week I will be discussing many different opportunities that Elon has to offer in order for you to take advantage over your competition. One of the most important tools to master is networking. This can be down in numerous ways, but it is important to put yourself out there in order to be recognized.

This week Elon is hosting its annual Job & Internship Expo on Wednesday the 24th located in the Moseley Center. At the Job and Internship Expo students are able to mingle with potential employers. This event is hosted by the Professional Development Center also located in Moseley, which is designed to help students’ transition from college to a career. The Expo is one opportunity where students can put themselves out there and network. For additional information please on the Job & Internship Expo or the services of the Professional Development center please click here:  

The needs of the professional world are shifting from where someone goes to school, to rather what someone is doing while at school. Clubs, organizations, and other classes that teach the necessary mindset and also skill are important but there is a large push for internships or job experience. Putting yourself out there is one of the first steps to getting an internship or job. Why is there a big push for internships? Not only do they allow you to network, but they also allow you to gain actual experience in the field. CNN offers an interesting insight to the value of internships provided here: 

CNN also offers another aspect about internships that many students do not think about: the work environment. Internships allow students to gain work experience but internships also provide an insight into the workplace.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 5.03.18 PM

Workplace environment is important to access in an internship because not only are you able to see how you fit into the job work itself, but also the surroundings. Many employers are beginning to look at how a person will “fit” into their company. By having an internship you can gain the experience you need to see if you enjoy a particular job, but also how you fit into the workplace.

Internships are important to obtain because they allow you to gain the necessary knowledge for a job while being in the field itself. Not only are you gaining valuable lessons, but you are also able to make connections and network. Happy internship hunting!





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