Portfolio Building Prequel: Which Platform to Use?

Hello everyone! We’ll continue our portfolio building week with a discussion about which platform to use and why! 

Within the Professional Writing and Rhetoric program, students usually create 3-5 portfolios in the course of their studies. Sometimes, these portfolios can be created on any platform. Other times, students are asked to use Digication specifically. There are all sorts of mediums available for PWR students to use, pending their audience and context. I’ve discussed a few options below, for you to deliberate about which form you’d prefer for your next portfolio!



  • At this time, Digication is often required for classes, for consistency purposes. When all of your portfolios are in one place, you don’t have to worry about forgetting external logins or placement of URLS.
  • Many widgets that you would acquire externally are already in place: gallery settings, modules, etc. Frankly, I hadn’t thought about utilizing widgets on other platforms because they weren’t right in front of me!
  • Users can now export their portfolios are offline viewing, in case you decide to take it into a interview and don’t want to ask for the WiFi password.
  • If you’re brave/curious, Digication has a setting to allow viewers to test experimental features. (Check out the new dashboard- you won’t believe you’re still using Digication).


  • A number of themes are available for your use; basic design is a breeze!
  • If you write or read blogs on WordPress, they can all be synced to your account.
  • As a general web platform, you can later purchase your domain (if you so desire) and utilize the page beyond a portfolio.


What’s Missing:


  • Most design has to be done through CSS. While coding is an excellent language to pick up for your PWR skill set, it’s certainly easier to click on a theme button and call it a night.
  • At this time, I am not sure how accessible this program is to graduates and alumni (something to ask Dr. Moore…)
  • Formatting areas like fonts are tricky and volatile- sometimes Digication accepts the font family, sometimes it doesn’t.


  • Some designs are free, but many come at a cost. Additionally, if you’ve selected a free theme and wish to alter a few things, it costs to customize your CSS, font or color scheme.
  • While you can alter the HTML of the body text, your header and footer are off-limits (at least as far as I’ve explored).
  • Compared to WordPress.Org or downloadable WordPress, the .com version has more restrictions and limitations.

At the end of the day, both software have benefits that apply to certain needs, and drawbacks that are based upon preference. Explore both mediums: it’s great to have a grasp on as many programs as you can for your resume and professional skills. If you know of any other tips or secrets to these two platforms, please let us know in the comments below!

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